Whether you’re considering outsourcing all aspects of your direct marketing management, or you simply require select, specialized services to enhance your existing marketing capabilities, O’Keefe-Henry Direct is ready to provide you with the attentive, top-notch service that has produced the record-breaking, bottom-line results our clients have come to rely on.Your account will be supervised directly by one of our directors to assure you get the highest level of expertise and service possible. In fact, we purposely work with only a select number of clients to guarantee you the highest level of personalized service.Our objective, independent point of view allows us to tailor-make innovative, strategic marketing alternatives to achieve the bottom-line results you’re looking for.


The information below highlights the key areas of service which O’Keefe Henry Direct, Inc. provides to its clients in the development and management of their catalog programs.



  • Review all previous marketing efforts and provide recommendations.
  • Develop an annual marketing plan that maximizes sales and profits.  This includes information on mail dates, frequency of contact, dollars per book, total demand, orders, marketing cost and net contribution.
  • Create individual circulation plans for house file segments and list rentals with specific data on ad ratios, profit per piece and cost per new customer.  This information is provided for each mailing.
  • Develop and expand use of non-mail media for new customer acquisition.  This includes areas such as Space Advertising, FSI’s, Co-ops, Package Inserts, TV, Bank Inserts and Electronic Media.
  • Complete matchback analysis of all internet orders to properly evaluate the use of marketing resources.
  • Provide lifetime value analysis vs. cost per new customer acquired.
  • Create a systematic approach for reactivation of inactive house file segments.
  • Formulate appropriate testing ideas and options to maximize response rates.  This includes the use of zip modeling and regression analysis.
  • Provide overall management for all phases of client’s marketing requirements which include planning, execution and analysis.



  • Develop significant creative testing approaches to lift responses.
  • As required, source, coordinate and supervise creative execution.
  • As requested, review creative at concept, design and page production stages and provide recommendations.
  • Determine appropriate catalog size and format to enhance efficiency.
  • Coordinate all production areas such as printing, merge/purge, lettershop and mailing.
  • Provide guidance and technical supervision to ensure optimal use of client’s resources.



  • Review product performance and provide recommendations on product selection and targeting.
  • Determine appropriate pagination for the catalog which will maximize sales performance.
  • Provide recommendations on space allocation per product and the number of items per page.
  • Perform merchandise analysis by key measures such as by page, spread, item, ad ratio and category.
  • Present actionable plans for enhancing the client’s future merchandise direction.



  • Integrate coherent contact plans for all on-line and off-line promotions.  Assure that email promotions and catalog mailings work in concert together.  Assist in implementing email program as needed.
  • Review and analyze all email copy, graphics, offers, subject lines and performance metrics (opens, click through, conversions and CPNC) to improve results.
  • Full analysis of performance and effectiveness of all paid and organic search strategies to determine the optimal use of the companies’ resources.  Calculate lifetime value (LTV) of all customers acquired through this medium.
  • Based on the analysis of all data from web marketing efforts, we will recommend adjustments in strategy to enhance channel performance.


MEDIA SERVICES – (Through our affiliate – North Shore Direct, Inc.)

  • Comprehensive list brokerage services where the most favorable arrangements for our clients are negotiated.
  • Professional list management services that maximize the client’s list rental income.
  • Media placement services that combine direct marketing know-how and expertise with media planning and execution capabilities.